Ion Candle

Unique in the market, these 800mm long cannons punch out massive bursts of effects. Available in a mixed trade carton of 3 different effects and sold individually.

#Ion Cannon Red: Bright White Strobe Bursts, Dazzling Silver Coconut, Large White Chrysanthemum Explosions


#Ion Cannon Blue: Green Tailed Comets Exploding to Purple Brocades, Green Pearl Shots Bursting into Slow Falling Timed Rain, Golden Tailed Comets Blasting to Golden Brocades with Blue changing to Red Tips, Silver Tailed Comets Exploding to Red Brocade with a Crackling Pistil


#Ion Cannon Pink: Red Tailed Comets Bursting to Peach Peony with Loud Crackles, Red Tailed Comets to Sky Blue & Orange Peonies with Loud Crackles, Red Tailed Comets to Purple Peony Bursts with Loud Crackles

Ion Candle

Colour Packaging
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